• Brain Trust Member PropelWomen,Inc. founded by ChristineCaine 2014
  • Award-winning journalist for 2013 Essence magazine article “The First Ladies’ Club,” a piece on mega-preachers’ wives in the United States
  • Highly sought after church conference & women’s ministry motivational speaker, lifestyle expert, and leadership trainer for the Fortune 500 industries
  • Former White House correspondent for Jet Magazine covering First Lady Michelle Obama
  • Popular national opinion columnist and cable networks commentator
  • Award winning best non-fiction author of the book, “Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling Myths & Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama” (2011)


SOPHIA A. NELSON is an accomplished, professional woman of deep faith who uses her faith as a means to inspire, motivate, and mentor Christian women around the globe. A devoted Christian of over 35 years, Sophia calls on women of our time to live by a unique inner “Code” designed by their Creator to unlock the greatness inside of them! Sophia’s body of work and authentic “real talk” style have captured the attention of many mega-church pastors and leaders of faith, including Bishop T. D. Jakes, Christine Caine, Canadian Pastor Leon Fontaine and many others.

Sophia is a woman on the move with an emerging global media, writing, and speaking platform. She is the founder of Church Girls RedefinedTM, a national organization dedicated to teaching Christian women to positively build their lives and their relationships with one another, by using God’s Code for living to positively redefine what it means to be a “church girl” in the 21st Century.



Perfect for Women’s Conference, Fellowship, Retreats and Tea Events

  • The Spiritual Codes: 4 principles every woman of faith must practice daily
  • From Mean Girls to Church Girls: How to teach women of faith to positively resolve conflict, not bully, and treat each other with respect.
  • Talk Before You Walk: The life-changing power of courageous godly conversations
  • Apologize Quickly: Learning the art of apology and its life-changing power
  • Guarding Your Heart Never Means Gating It: How to love again, when you have been hurt, left or worse by trusting God.

*Sophia is well versed in scripture and can speak on any topic or need you may have beyond those presented

“Nelson’s passionate mission is to see other women empowered with these 20 keys for becoming unstuck to finally fly free.”
— SHEILA WALSH, best-selling author; speaker at Women of Faith conferences

“The Woman Code is a life compass that holds to timeless principles of faith, family, friendship, and sisterhood, all in one inspiring book.”
— SERITA ANN JAKES, bestselling author, director of Women’s Ministries, The Potter’s House