Who is Church Girls for?
Church Girls is for teen girls, and women of all races, creeds, and religious backgrounds. Our mission is to bring women of faith into true unity with one another. And to educate women about how to live, love and lead from that special unique and sacred place within.

Can I start a CG Redefined Chapter? 
Thanks for asking! At this point we are not launching CG Chapters just yet. We plan to do so in churches, colleges, and corporations globally in 2017.

How Can I spread the Church Girls Message? 
You can follow us on social media. Submit blogs for our consideration and you can spread the word at your church or in your local women’s groups and organizations.

How can I volunteer or become and Intern for CG?
We will accept volunteer applications in spring 2016. You must live in the DC Metro area where we are located and be at least a senior in high school in good standing.

Is Church Girls Redefined a Non-Profit?

Not yet, but we are in the process now of becoming a 501c4 designation which means we will be tax exempt just like a 501c3, but we can also participate in public policy engagement, educational programs, and political causes that fit the mission and scope of our organization.

Will there be CG Webinar, Courses or Curriculum Offering?
Yes. We will release our first series of curriculum for download and order next year. And we will start the podcast series and webinars in late September 2015.

Will there be Church Girl merchandise and a digital magazine?
Yes. The merchandise and jewelry line is exclusively designed by LSI of Atlanta. And we will have a digital magazine starting September 2016.

Do I have to be a Christian to support Church Girls Redefined?

No. If you are someone who attends church, or wants to attend church you will benefit from this organization as a teenage girl or woman. Our whole platform is built around “Church Girls” that means we identify as women who want to be connected to the heart, life, and founder of the “Church” Jesus Christ.