The word of God calls us as women to a Standard.

To a Code of Conduct.

To be “peculiar”.

To be “set-apart”.

To be “sacred”.

To be “holy”.

To “be in” this world, but never “of it”.

It’s time that we as women and teenage girls of faith got back to that standard. And it’s time we got back to the hope filled, joyful, fruitful, kind, productive, sisterly, brave, bold, committed women God calls us to be in His word.

Our goal is to help women and girls to ReDefine what it means to be a “church girl”. Because that term in modern popular culture is not a good one. Reality TV shows depict preacher’s daughters fighting, cussing, or worse. Movies and dramatic series depict women in church as mean, conniving, cold, heartless, ruthless, and very unkind to other women in church. Just go to YouTube or google “church girls” you will see fist fights in church parking lots, cursing, coarse talk, sexually inappropriate or suggestive content, photos, videos and worse. Women fighting over men, holding grudges, unforgiving, angry and proud of it. All while wearing a cross around their necks and calling on the name of God.

Church Girls that is NOT who we are called to be.

There are 5 core Principles to the Church Girls Redefined movement that we ask every woman who joins us to strive to live by and enact in her daily life as a Christian Believer:

  1. Know your value in Christ.
  2. Live your value in Christ.
  3. Treat other women in and out of the Church with their value in Christ.
  4. Date, fellowship, love and marry men who are grounded in Christ.
  5. Be a change agent for Christ in the world by the causes that you Champion.