Church Girls Redefined™ is a ministry for sure, but it is more importantly a movement. Founded in 2013, by award winning Christian-Inspirational Author, Journalist and Speaker Sophia A. Nelson Esq.

The mission of the organization is to provide women of faith with the tools they need to win at living a life in Christ.

Our mission is to create a model for women and teen girls around the globe that starts with a “Church Girls Code of Conduct” that they can feel good about embracing and walking out every day. The fact is we are busy women in the 21st century. The last thing we want or need is for our faith life to be anchored to legalism and religious rules. God is not a God of rules. He is a God of promise. Of Hope. Of purpose.

We believe that God has something greater for us as women of this time, and we need to come together across racial, denominational, and social classes to work together not compete against or shun one another.

A core mission of “Church Girls Redefined” is to help bring us as devoted “Church Girls” together. The church is still far too segregated on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday nights. Our conferences, our events, and our engagement with women in the body is still segregated by our particular faith (Baptist, COGIC, Methodist, Catholic, etc.), or sadder, by our race (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc.). This must change.

The Bible tells us that “we” are not to be like other women who live in fear, insecurity, depression, negativity, gossip, bullying, sexual impurity, coarse talk, mean girl behavior, or worse, Yet, the truth is too many of us are living with all of those burdens and we feel helpless. Some of us have even embraced these emotions, actions, and behaviors as “normal.” Just the price of doing business and living in the world we tell ourselves. Yet that is not who we are supposed to be. There is a better way to be in the world, but not of it. That way is Christ.

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